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We at Wheysted feel that we have succeeded in formulating the most extreme pre-workout to date. Using only quality ingredients and applying years of studies, we managed to create a pre-workout which is absolutely incomparable to any other pre-workout in today’s supplement market. Its effects can be so powerful that a full dose is only recommended for the so-called “pre-workout junkies”.

This pre-workout is not formulated by scientists, researchers nor big supplement companies which are going after the big profits, but with the input and knowledge of some of the biggest athletes today. Made by athletes for athletes. They know what a pre-workout needs to do and now you are about to experience it for yourself.

With its ingredients you will unleash the beast in you. This is what you need to get totally wasted in the gym. We are so confident, transparent and proud of our product that our formula isn’t labeled as a “proprietary blend”. We want to give you the best pre-workout experience that you will ever have in your entire workout life.

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